2nd edition of Raccoon & Loris now availble

Re-prints of the Raccoon and Loris are now available in very limited numbers.
Order from here & here or email me direct.



Secret Lives of Animals # 4 Otters

latest in the series: A3 2 colour screen print in the greens, Pretty happy with how these turned out. May throw caution to the wind for the next one and hit up a 3rd or maybe even a 4th colour.

otters screen print secret lives of animals Steve_Campion_otters_screenprint_racked illustration screen prints

Secret Lives of Animals # 3 Starlings

A little (A3) version re-print of my A to B, boxbird gallery piece from last year.

Steve Campion illustration screen print

Modern Toss

I’ve been working for Modern Toss since earlier this year, Its the second best job I’ve had since Waitrose fish counter.

I’ve worked on a number of fine projects whilst here, some less conventional than others, all very good and very funny. There’s many new projects to come
so, Make sure you keep up to date with the latest via the Modern Toss website or follow Modern Toss on Twitter

The 2012 desktop calender has 12 fresh cartoons from the Modern Toss Work series and not only reminds you which day it is but also highlights key dates such as Christmas and Morrisey’s birthday.

modern toss calender graphic design work calender 2012

Lewes Lottery

A5 Flyer and Poster for the Lewes Lottery. theleweslottery.co.uk

Lewes Lottery A5 Flyer, Poster, Typography, Layout, Gamblers

Magic Lantern

Illustration for Amelia’s magazine. Review of The Magic Laterns album
A World in a Grain of Sand. Read it here

illustration steve campion magic latern ameilias magazine